Who are we and who do we help?

We are a marketing business partner. We help clients (e-shops) grow, we build world-class digital.

  • We comprehensively cover development planning and business strategies for e-shops 
  • We create business plans and cover the development of e-shops beyond online marketing.
  • Our priority is to increase the client’s profit, accompanied by YOY by increasing turnover
  • We create an ecosystem of people and technology that makes us more efficient
  • We have an international (native) certified team of specialists (SK, CZ, HU, RO, BG…)

Projects are led by certified Google specialists

  • We have a portfolio of projects with a desire to grow and expand throughout Europe
  • Our projects regularly win awards in various competitions like MastersGate, Heureka Shop of the Year, Mastercard Merchant of the Year and others

From Singapore to Canada

We help every 2nd client to export at least to 3 countries. We usually cover marketing with e-shops in 8 to 12 countries in the CEE region, but also globally (from Singapore to Canada).

Export predictably – with Google Market Explorer

We became a Google export partner and gained exclusive access to the Google Market Explorer tool as the only marketing company in Slovakia. We will choose a suitable market for your e-shop based on real data.

ui42 Digital projects:

MastersGateWe co-organize the largest project of its kind focused on the development of digital marketing in Slovakia. It is attended by leaders in the e-commerce market. Mastersgate is a year-round project that consists of an e-shop competition, the MastersGate Digital Summit and the MastersGate Academy. All parts of the project are focused on the development, education, growth and export of e-shops abroad.

From idea to success:

The first complete book guide called E-SHOP FROM IDEA TO SUCCESS will explain everything you need to know about a working e-shop. Complex technologies are explained simply and clearly so that everyone can understand them. Martin Krupa, the author of the book, is a co-founder of the web agency ui42, the portal Profesia.sk, the content management system BUXUS and the Slovak UX Association. We participated in content creation from the perspective of performance marketing in the book. 

Ecosystem of experts:

  • Od roku: 2009
  • Odborníkov: 45+
  • Projektov: 400+
  • Trhov: 31+
  • Vlastný medzinárodný online marketingový tím, UX laboratórium

Exclusive partnerships ui42 Digital

exclusive partnerships

  • We are a Google Key Partner. A program for partner agencies that help accelerate business clients. Within the program, we specialize in search network advertising, video advertising, content advertising, and shopping advertising. We have several Google Partners Coaches in our team for many years. We have become a Google export partner and gained exclusive access to the Google Market Explorer tool as the only marketing company in Slovakia.
  • Facebook Partner. Thanks to premium support, we are able to cover our clients’ campaigns even more effectively. At the same time, we use tools that maximize the impact of Facebook campaigns using an exclusive partnership with ROI Hunter.
  • We were the first to become a Heureka Partner in Slovakia. We have VIP support, we know in advance about upcoming news. Our team of specialists is, therefore, able to manage small, medium and large e-shops more efficiently.
  • Mergado certified partner. With our internal team of 3+ certified specialists, we can effectively modify XML feeds for various resources without the intervention of a programmer. By managing price comparators (Heureka, Zboží, Arukereso, etc.), we streamline e-shop advertising, reduce costs and increase turnover.
  • ShopRoku: we are Heureka’s VIP partner, we help improve the quality of e-commerce services. Our clients regularly win first places in the categories of the Heureka ShopRoku 2013-2019 competition and many clients are also placed among the finalists.


We are a founding member of the Slovak User Experience Association (SUXA) together with ui42. It focuses on the introduction of proven standards, principles and methods into UX practice. Organizing UX events for professionals and the general public,  connecting them together with the business sphere, which facilitates professional development and education in the field of UX in Slovakia.

We are also part of SAPIE (Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy), Digitálnedoma.sk, Worldusabilityday, a member of the Working Group of the Commission for Standardization ISVS, Agency leadership program.

Let us turn your e-shop into a similar success story

“A team of great people and experts has started intensive cooperation with us, both in the field of UX design, in online marketing and, most recently, in web development. Collaboration works. It is based on openness and trust. Otherwise, I can’t even imagine it. It is not a supplier-customer relationship. We are partners. ” Jaroslav Chrapko, Dedoles.sk

Lead your brand in the Hall of Fame

We bring leads, increase turnover, reduce costs

Do you want to grow with your e-shop? Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We will be happy to advise and help.