Digital is looking for a Romanian PPC marketing specialist #JOB

Are you wishing to work in one of the most promising business fields of this decade? Are you proactive and have an analytical way of thinking? Digital is looking for a native-Romanian, who will be part of the export team

Improve your product data, not just for Google Shopping

Table of content: E-shop owners strive to make their brand and products as visible as possible in the online space. So that consumers can access them as easily as possible and, ultimately, buy them. There are several ways to make

Advertising on margin, profit and for sustainable growth

Table of content: Marketing is not just about promotion. Its role is to respond properly to market demand. Performance marketing has the advantage of being able to control the amount of data. For several years now, especially in the retail

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Co-responsibility for the results from the perspective of our CEO

Table of Contents Why be co-responsible for the client’s marketing results? What are the benefits for the client and for the marketer? Below is an article from the perspective of Pavel Adamčák, CEO of ui42 Digital. When I launched the

Top topics that most often bother clients at the beginning of cooperation

Every business faces different challenges that need to be overcome. The same rule also applies to marketing. At the beginning of a new collaboration, there are always a number of questions that clients want to be answered. We will focus

Top Tips: How to sort the products in categories for e-shop with sizes of products

This article tells you: What algorithm should be used to sort the products in the category for e-shop if the products have sizes What data should be collected in order to evaluate the achievement of product sorting How the availability

Export in a predictable way with Google Market Explorer

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic generates one-of-a-kind disruptions to the world trade and the global economy. The enforcement of social distancing, lockdowns, and all the other measures have also generated an unpredicted increase in internet usage and significant

Why is online advertising overrated?

Initiating a failure when starting a new cooperation? Do you know what it means to initiate a failure when starting a new cooperation? When someone wants us to do only PPC advertising for him. Does that seem absurd to you?

How to get products from the supplier to your e-shop in 2 minutes?

Our inspiration came from an Italian e-shop The inspiration for the creation of an automatic solution for e-shops came from a local store in Bolzano, in the north of Italy, where I recently helped move the business online. A few

Why is Romania an export market with huge potential?

We are a Google export partner. We do not want to keep all our know-how to ourselves. We share with you our analysis and data from Google, which will help you orient yourself in the opportunities for export with the