What are we looking for?

Regardless of which job you may be interested in, please pay attention to three key traits we look for in our candidates. Of course there may be additional requirements but we will talk about those in person.


Thanks to the way in which we manage our projects you will most likely be a member of several project teams at the same time. It is probable that some of the teams will even have 3 layer vertical structure (account managers, project managers, specialists) and therefore we regard the ability to work and to effectively communicate in teams as a crucial trait.

Analytical thinking

Performance marketing in Digital is based on data. All the results have solid reasoning and all of our strategies rely on data interpretation. Regardless of your department you will most likely encounter complex spreadsheets to help you make data driven decisions.

Can-do attitude

What we are now as a company can be largely attributed to our can-do attitude. We've always been looking for new ways to develop our clients. Had not it been for unconventional solutions and overall approach to problem solving, we would not benefit from long lasting partnerships today. Therefore it is key for any applicant to perceive any obstacle as an opportinity rather than a limiting factor.


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