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Bratislava / Trenčín

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1000€-2500€ variable (5% to 10% of billing)


English language C1

The process of acquiring new clients in Digital

In principle, we acquire new clients from three sources:

  • The first source is recommendations from our existing clients and partners or from team members. In this case, there is a great assumption that the client is interesting, with good potential for growth and we would like to work with him.
  • The second source is our direct active ‘hunting’ of interesting clients with whom we would like to cooperate. This strategy requires a great deal of creativity and a perfect knowledge of our business model, services and how we work with clients.
  • The third source is collaborative demands that come directly from our web through the contact form or via Facebook advertising, which is a form of lead ad. In this case, it is crucial to properly validate the client’s potential for cooperation.


Step 1 of the process below is typical if the client comes to us through the contact form on the website or through Facebook advertising. The other three steps are then more or less identical, no matter how the client comes to us.


Step 1

First telephone contact with a potential client, based on an incoming lead/demand for cooperation. You don’t have any information about the client at this time. If you see that the client has great potential, it is ideal to arrange a personal meeting as soon as possible. In the first call, your task is to find out what kind of company it is, whether it is an e-shop, what are their needs, and you should then focus on those needs and work with them.

Frequently asked questions for the client at this stage:

What activities has the client already done in performance marketing?

Who has the client worked with so far?

What worked for him the most?

What were the results?

What were the expectations?

What is his next objective or target?


Based on the information obtained, you then evaluate the lead and decide whether we want to cooperate with the client.

Step 2

You make a second contact (call, video call, meeting). In the second contact, it is crucial to ask the client for access to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Merchant Center, Google SearchConsole, etc. You should also have ‘an opener’ ready (the first shot of what we could do and achieve for the client and how). In this step, clients often require signing an NDA.

Step 3

Then the creation of specific offers follows. You will contact the center managers, who will prepare a price offer for their channel or services. In addition, the center managers will specify the strategy and goals that we want to achieve with the client.

Step 4

A meeting for the sale of individual services. The outcome should be the signing of the order of individual channels and services and the handing over of the client to his business consultant.

Other responsibilities:
  • Organizing meetings with potential clients.
  • Maintaining a clear sales database and processes.
  • Reporting of results to management.



Advantages and benefits:

  • Get access to premium online marketing tools such as: Magic Script, Roi Hunter, PPC Bee, Mergado, Roivenue, Collabim
  • You get the opportunity to get partner shares in the company
  • Digital is part of the top-ranking agency programs from Google – Agency of the future and Google agency of tomorrow. Thanks to this you will be the first to get the latest innovations from Google, attend conferences throughout the EU and receive regular training directly from Google.
  • Our best specialists will share with you their know-how build-up for many years for every single day
  • You will work on the basis of a flexible evaluation model, where the limit of remuneration and evaluation are determined only by skills and work results
  • You get hardware and software according to your taste and needs (laptop, phone, …), because you know what is best for you
  • You will receive tickets to the top marketing events in the field (opportunity to make a presentation), because your growth is important to us
  • Possibility to agree on flexible working hours, because it does not matter when and where you do it, but it must be perfect 🙂
  • You will attend unforgettable corporate events and weekends, because we know that building team spirit and good mood is important for you
  • Of course, you will own a Multisport card, because sports are best for recharging
  • Fresh organic fruit, good coffee and tea are a matter of course in our cozy house on Haydnova 20 / B
  • A medium-sized but progressive and energetic team you can rely on – this is Digital


Personality preconditions and skills:


  • In Digital, we offer you freedom, but we demand responsibility and a dutifull approach
  • Be a team player and keep in mind that the best way to achieve your goals is to cooperate with others
  • You should have your own time management system
  • The key to success in ui42 is the ability to learn new things relatively quickly, to have prompt and practical judgment

Soft skills:

  • The empathy is basis, which allows you to understand the client’s needs and the team processes
  • Communication skills and a sense of specific communication with the client = being able to speak “the language of his tribe”
  • Results orientation – “Always be closing”
  • Quality sales skills
  • Self-confidence and natural presetting

Hard skills:

  • Orientation in marketing principles and marketing strategies- “How would I do it if it was my own e-shop / business?”
  • Overall analytical thinking
  • Good knowledge of Google Analytics and creating of marketing analysis
  • Basic orientation in the principles of the Google Ads environment
  • Basic orientation in the principles of SEO and linkbuilding
  • Basic orientation in the principles of  performance Social Media marketing
  • Basic orientation in the principles of price comparators (Heureka, Pricemania)
  • Work with Google sheets at an advanced level
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in performance online marketing
  • Great advantage is experience with the overall management of the e-shop  
  • Eglish Language level at least C1

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