• Beginning of cooperation May 2018
  • Segment Fashion
  • Services Facebook ads, ROI Hunter
  • Project specialists 5

ASTRATEX is a fast-growing retailer of underwear in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. They used the ui42 digital’s services to accelerate the growth and streamline Facebook campaigns at the same time. The result is a long-term growing and sustainable channel that brings stable turnovers.

Case study: Facebook, ROI Hunter

How it all started: Before the start of cooperation with ui42 digital was paid advertising via Facebook facing an unfavorable trend – an ever-increasing cost, which was unsustainable for a long period of time and at the same time a year-on-year decrease in turnovers from this source.


  • The basis and a first step was to fine-tune dynamic and static remarketing to motivate those users who were already closest to purchase to finalize it. This was followed by a complete overhaul of the acquisition campaign strategy based on the constant testing of new types of campaigns using the ROI Hunter tool.

    We incorporated ROI Hunter on this project for the following reasons:

    • due to the possibility of centralizing the reporting of results from Google Analytics, Facebook pixel data in one place
    • we wanted to be 100% sure that all our ads would be tagged correctly
    • we can use advanced functions when creating interesting creatives
    • streamlining campaigns by testing multiple versions of visuals 

The results: 

The result was an increase in turnover by 54 % (RO), 58 % (SK) while reducing credit investments by 39 % and 29 % respectively. Paid Facebook campaigns have thus become a strong but above all sustainable source of turnover.

The client appreciated our cooperation as we achieved excellent results. 

ROI Hunter was the way to success.“Karol Guláš, CMO / Marketing director Astratex

FB roi huner

roi hunter case study

* RO: Measured period: 3 months from 1.4.2019 to 30.6.2019, compared with the same period last year.

* SK: Measured period: 6 months from 1.1.2019 to 30.6.2019, compared with the same period last year. Photo source: Astratex

Who was behind the curtain of the Astratex project? 

Richard Kondáš. He studied e-Business Management at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. After graduating, he started as an intern at ui42. Gradually, Richard built a successful Social media team in ui42 digital. Currently it covers marketing communication and strategy for TOP brands in the market. Such as: Astratex, ZAJO Outdoor, eyerim. I want to know  more about Richard’s projects . Richard focuses on performance marketing. And it is based on a positive return on investment in client projects. Its current portfolio of managed projects includes more than 100 clients (B2B, B2C) / e-shops from various, as well as diametrically different industries as well as markets (Europe, Asia, USA). He has successful experience managing Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook, and Youtube advertising accounts.

What is Richard’s secret ingredient?   

Richard Kondas ui42 digital


“Test until you come up with a solution. When tuning the Astratex campaigns, we tested the targeting. It was about an iteration. We came up with something and gradually improved it until we could select profitable campaigns. We also stumbled upon campaigns that didn’t deliver the results we wanted, so we simply paused them. “

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