How can we help you:

  • We analyze your products and their suitability for sale through Amazon
  • We will process detailed statistics of your assortment on Amazon
  • We will take care of creating a professional account on Amazon
  • We will add your products to Amazon
  • We’ll set up everything we need to start selling
  • We will launch and fine-tune PPC campaigns
  • We’ll take care of your account regularly to maximize your profits

7 reasons to sell through Amazon

  1. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world
  2. 183 million people visit Amazon every month. It is therefore characterized by huge attendance, purchasing power and turnover
  3. Amazon covers huge European markets such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands. It directly affects more than 333 million inhabitants
  4. The Slovak market has its limits. Only Germany has 15 times more inhabitants and 24 times more purchasing power than Slovakia. If you want to grow Amazon is a huge opportunity to sell products in the top European markets to maximize your sales and profits.
  5. If you do not have your own warehouse, warehousing and logistics can be provided directly through Amazon. The goods will be stored directly in Amazon’s warehouses and it will also take care of packing and sending the goods
  6. Amazon is a suitable product where you can accelerate faster than with your own e-shop
  7. Did you know that starting a sale can be cheaper compared to building your own e-shop? We will launch your sale within a few weeks* from the start of the cooperation

*The start date of the sale depends on several factors, but under ideal conditions, the start date within a few weeks is realistic

In which countries will you sell my products on Amazon?

We will start selling your products with analysis in order to reveal the potential for selling your products through Amazon.

Then we start selling on the German Amazon. Gradually, after analyzing other markets, we will add countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands.

Komplexnosť služby Amazon 

Postaráme sa o kompletné zastrešenie spustenia predajov vašich produktov, mesačnú správu účtu až po pridávanie nových produktov či optimalizáciu a šperkovanie kampaní. Získajte klientov z veľkej časti Európy.  

The complexity of the Amazon service

We will take care of the complete coverage of the launch of sales of your products, monthly account management up to the addition of new products or optimization and polishing of campaigns. Get new customers from all over Europe.

Why sell on Amazon with ui42 Digital?

We are not a PPC agency. We are a business partner for your growth in the world of online marketing. We have top e-commerce experts for each area, who maximize the pressure of campaigns by applying “best practices”, automation, own scripts or solutions. You can see the complexity of our services beyond online performance marketing.

Guarantee of service quality

Mário Ráth is not only a marketer but also an entrepreneur. He really successfully sold his own product on Amazon, under his own brand. He went through all the processes from launching an account to launching products on Amazon to maximizing sales efficiency. The project was later sold because he decided to take another path with client marketing and business consultation. He can fully empathize with the feelings and needs of clients, as he has probably already solved their problems in the past. These facts offer clients real solutions that will start and develop their business.

Wondering if Amazon is what you want and what you need? Do not hesitate, contact us instead. We look forward to reviewing your growth potential through Amazon.