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How to set the cost-to-turnover (ROI) ratio correctly?

Our mission is to help e-shops grow “healthy” and effectively. We are very well aware that our clients expect a profit. In order to be able to help them in this direction as effectively as possible, it is most important for us to understand the margins and then create a business and e-shop development plan according to them.

Only if the right part of the margin is invested in marketing, your company can grow and move forward. There is nothing worse than the stress associated with whether, at the end of the month, the client’s business will provide enough money in the account (cash flow) to repay the costs. Read the example of a client we helped to reverse such a stressful situation.

The service is suitable for e-shops with a turnover of > 1M, or for e-shops that are growing fast.

If you have any questions about your financial settings of the e-shop, contact us. We will be happy to help you. In this way, we helped not only smaller but also well-known brands.

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