We will help you with:

We consider campaigns on the Google content network to be part of a channel mix of a well-functioning e-shop. We always adapt their use to the current situation and goals of your business. We can help you target your existing customers with remarketing. We have many years of experience with setting up dynamic remarketing. At the same time, we can create a display strategy for you to effectively acquire new potential customers. We will always design your campaigns so that your activities fit into your business goals.

We can use the Google content network effectively to find new e-shop clients (users). We know from the life of online marketing that if we fine-tune Google search, shopping, and dynamic remarketing, we will capture all users who are interested in the product and search for it directly. But what about those users who want to buy but are not (yet) looking for the product? In this case, the content network can serve as a strategy for acquiring new customers.

Our experience has been appreciated by global clients such as TheRake or Revolution.watch.