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Exports are at the heart of what we feed on. We manage client campaigns in 31 countries around the world. No language is an obstacle for us, which is justified by our internal team of native specialists from Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. Our colleagues sit in Bratislava or Trenčín and are always close to clients with the know-how from the local markets. We have experts for Eastern and Western Europe, but we also manage campaigns in the USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

We have stopped counting the number of countries for specific clients. We would have to edit this page constantly, so see for yourself how many countries GymBeam, eyerim, hodinky, novýnábytok, TheRake.com, Revolution.watch, IBO they have exported their business. 

The fact that we can really do export confirms this joint case study from Google. We are also pleased with the great results on Astratex.