What we will do for you: 

We will list your products on price comparison websites, e.g.: Heureka, Zboží, Ceneo, Arukereso, Compari, and others. We will find the best possibilities for your brand and focus on good efficiency.

Being present on price comparisons is mostly about having low prices and gaining the best efficiency from this source. But there is more potential. If you are serious about the e-shop, being on the main price comparison in the market is a must-have. Not everything is about an endless price war. We tune your e-shop´s performance and product positioning in such a way that catches the eye of a customer.

In case of us finding out that the prices in your e-shop are not ideal compared to your competition, we will propose the necessary repairs to have better results. We can also set a strategy to gain profit instead of turnover. Creating a profit should be a natural goal of every e-shop.