Strategy improvement

Do you want to kick-off your online business turnover with performance campaigns? Or do you need to strengthen the brand? The size of your e-shop does not matter. If you also wish to expand your operations, let us know. We will build the most suitable strategy for your business.

We build long-term sustainable performance marketing

Our goal is sustainable growth of our clients. On this journey, we are interested in the Share of cost of turnover and the profit that our advertising has generated for you. We will design a solution that will correspond to your goals and possibilities.

We are the only company in Slovakia that offers our clients the automation tool ROI Hunter, which streamlines work with advertising campaigns, enables advanced work with product catalogs and helps you differentiate from the competitors.

We will increase the credibility of your brand

No matter how well your sales are doing, you should always support your brand image. We will ensure the effectiveness of your performance campaigns by proper communication with your audience. By creating a positive relationship with the fans, we will support awareness of your brand, which will increase the customer loyalty and strengthen your market position.

We are your partner in good and bad times

If an issue arises, we will not let you down. We will face it, take the challenge and find a solution. As a certified partner agency, we have priority support not only from ROI Hunter, but also from Facebook. We can help our clients with rejected or blocked accounts, rejected FB fan-page renaming, rejected ads, identification of products and posts issues. 

Traditional and unique services we offer:

  • Fixing the measurements on your FB pixel
  • Product catalog setup
  • Fine-tuning your performance campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, prepare new ones and take care of them with love
  • Manage your campaigns on Youtube
  • Dynamic ads setup through cost-effective ROI Hunter automation
  • Lead ads campaigns creation on Facebook with a variable reward for “green leads”
  • Building a strong brand through the management of your profiles. We create a strategy, analyze the competition and prepare valuable content, including graphics, with the help of strategic partners Boomex and Čosi