Mário is a Key account manager & business developer. He is the founder of successful projects, which he also marketed. He can fully empathize with the feelings and needs of clients, as he has probably already solved their problems 🙂 He can bring clients real solutions that will start / save / develop their business.

What does he enjoy most at work?

He enjoys delving into the depths of the client’s business and removing obstacles to project growth. At Digital, he solves exactly these problems as a business developer.

6 countries, 6 languages

Project Gettik is the most active client and we launched their e-shops in 6 countries at once. That’s 6 websites, 6 languages ​​and potentially 6 times as many problems. And he enjoys it :)) If things go too easily, something is wrong :))

100% higher turnover, with the same PNO

Mário gives an example of what he managed to achieve: “I increased the year-on-year turnover while maintaining the percentage of turnover costs by more than 100%, mainly due to site optimization, PPC campaigns and product portfolio.”

Necessary information for setting a strategy

The biggest challenge is always to get the necessary information from the client, based on them to plan the right strategy and then implement it with the client.

Projects: Gettik, Domtextilu, Nobio

Languages: Slovak, English, Czech 

Sociálne siete:

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