Matej has three functions in ui42 Digital:

  1. He leads his SEO team for medium and large clients
  2. He is a senior business consultant
  3. He temporarily headed the sales department and remained there as a support

What services does the SEO department offer?

Matej’s strongest projects

In addition to his department, he leads teams of project managers in clients:

Matej has worked with programmers for 4 years as a project manager in his career so far. He cooperates with the development of the Koku project thanks to his strong know-how in development of websites.

Success fee – one of the most motivating types of cooperation

He agreed on a success fee with several clients:

Can-do corporate value in practice

Matej loves complex debates about high level business with the client and his future. He enjoys innovation – likes to discover new features, looks for ways to expand, solve e-shop storage, pricing, etc.

Fun in a team without negative stress increases performance

Matej is one of the most easygoing employees at ui42 Digital. He always has an energetic mood. However, he has high demands on himself, which he also places on his colleagues.

SEO and brand are the way to long-term business

He believes that organic traffic is the future of any successful business. He solves the whole business from the beginning with Vitafruit client – name, design, packaging, channels, price list, etc. He considers himself part of the client’s team, not a supplier from the agency.

What has he achieved in his two years at Digital?

  • He built an SEO department with six people
  • He started an intensive cooperation with David Kořínek (in the world of e-commerce he is a unicorn)
  • He was given the opportunity to become a member of the company’s board
  • He considers the acquisition of several clients to be a personal success (the largest is Northfinder)

Matej’s novelty?

Launches Pricing Tool on Koku. It is our own scraper of competing websites, which creates different product prices based on traffic from different channels. This automated pricing tool will be a huge advantage in the competition.

We are expanding abroad

Our clients have been successfully expanding abroad for 8 years. It’s time to expand ui42 Digital into the world 🙂 Matej decided to bring clients from London and Singapore during 2020.

Matej and his relationships with clients

Thanks to friendly relationships with clients, he also gets used to spending free time, e.g. Maťo Zahuranec from eyerim taught him negron 😀, he goes to the business with the owner of Northfinder to discuss business at regular dinners, grills with some clients and so on.

The story of the acquisition of the Northfinder client

Northfidner is a strong company that has long been with one of the top agencies in Slovakia. Matej invested hours of time in the preparation of three meetings, where specific assignments from the client were solved. He believed in this collaboration, as Northfinder is his lovebrand.

Finally, they entrusted us with the management of PPC and FB performance campaigns, later we also received the management of Czech campaigns, and subsequently, together with ASData, we successfully migrated 3 domains.

We did not end the cooperation, we went to three other countries. We have expanded our cooperation with content marketing, link building, CRO (conversion rate optimization) and price comparators.

Fun fact about Matej

He studied medicine at Masaryk University in Brno at the same time as Business Economics and Management with a focus on marketing. When he did not manage to work and study these two schools, he gave up medicine…

Picture source: Personal archive of Vladimír Podkamenský

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Languages: Slovak, English

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Would you like to consult your project with Matej?

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